January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!

2017 Has been a year full of challenges and interesting projects, I learned one important lesson that I want to share with you…

If you really, really, really want something… go and get it.

I was ready to give you all my best advice and tips for 2018 until I found a post from a friend of mine that expressed what I was thinking in the best way possible. I have a challenge for everyone as this year comes to an end. Grab a notepad and go to your favourite spot or the most relaxing place you can find. For me, it’s usually a bench with a nice view, a hilltop, a beach, balcony, or next to a fireplace. Remove any distractions, put music on if it helps relax you or just listen to the ambient sounds around you. Title the Page “Goals 2018” and just think. Think about each one and all the different things you want to get done in 2018. Doesn’t matter if you know that you will already do it or something that you don’t think is possible. Once you finished your list. Hang it up in a place you can see it every day. Every once and awhile take a look and remind yourself of the goals. When you achieve one, cross it off the list. Most importantly, next year, get the list of your previous year out and take pleasure in realizing how many goals you have actually crossed off.

I have done this every year since 2011, and it still amazes me how much I am able to get done each year, seemingly without thinking about it. I think the act of plotting them out and reminding yourself, affects small decisions in your life. sort of like little course correcting your actions throughout the year.

The aim is never to cross all the goals off your list. If you can accomplish everything you wish for, then you are not dreaming big enough.


This is an amazing concept, definitely worth trying. I’ve always followed a similar technique that I developed year by a year. Setting a task list wasn’t working for me, that’s why I started giving a Headline for to every year.

2016 – Change
2017 – No Complain 
2018 – I’m back

This will install an idea in my brain that will be easy to follow and it will build the right attitude to reach that feeling.

so yeah… end of 2018 I will have to feel like… “I’m definitely back… and you know that”. Whatever that means.

Free Nuke Tutorial by CreativeLyonsTuts

I’m very sceptical about free tutorials on youtube, but this time our friend Tony here his doing an amazing job, his keying series it’s very professional and very well explained.

Converting Mocha Ae to Nuke Corner Pin

A great Python script that will convert your tracking data From Mocha AE, into a corner pin node // Tracker for Nuke. Extremely Handy when you don’t have a Mocha Pro license.

GeoTrack in Nuke

The Team at KeenTools just updated their tools to the new version with ” Magic Keyframes “. I’ve been using/trying their plug-in for a while, definitely worth buying it especially for the FaceBuilder and the PinTool ( That will replace the typical TransfromGeo), Both LifeSaver when Trying to get real 3D Depth and proper XYZ Position and Rotation on 3D Obj. I’ve recently used it on a project where the Estimated Timeline for the GeoTrack was 3 days and it helped to achieve an amazing result just in a day.

I’m a big fan of PFTrack especially for its object tracking features, however, if I have to think about it from a business perspective the 299$ annual subscription to GeoTracker it’s making me change my mind.

Have a look at their website and videos, download the trial, give it a go and let me know what you think about!

Aton for Nuke

First of all… It’s free, Secondly, if you work as a one-man band or you often just from Compositing to 3D. Having a Direct link from Arnold // Maya to Nuke it’s extremely handy, it can definitely save a lot of Render Time.

Once Again, thanks for reading, any request or feedback are much more than welcome!

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