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Nuke Filter Curve

Nuke Filter Curve Part 01 - Smoothing a curve Final Goal – create a Nuke Gizmo that will mimic the filter option in the curve editor,  giving a real-time controller that will allow to look at and smooth the curve. That should be easy… that’s what I told myself a couple of weeks [...]

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MaskMe a 3D Roto Tool for Nuke MaskMe it's a Nuke Gizmo that I've been developing while working at "The Senate VFX". As a Compositor, quite often we end up doing a repetitive task and in my case as a 3D oriented dude, Camera projection is one of [...]

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Wacom Intuos Pro – Issues

did you buy one of the new Wacom Intuos Pro? Are you on windows 10? is not working as expected? For some weird reason, the long awaited Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Pen Tablet will not work as it should straight out of the box. This is kind of annoying but to be honest I [...]

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