February 2018 Newsletter

For me, 2018 is definitely starting on the right foot, in the last month, I can barely count the number of things that I’ve been doing/planning. MaskMe my Nuke tool got to 1500 downloads a few weeks ago and I’ve been receiving a lot of messages from you guys, I’m really, truly grateful to you.

All your feedbacks gave me loads of ideas for new tools, one of the upcoming will be SmoothMe. Everything started with the idea of reproducing whatever the filter function inside the curve editor in Nuke was doing, however, I had a few problems down the road and I now know why what I had in my mind can’t be done.

Anyways that didn’t stop me! the “How I want to make it”,  slightly shifted keeping the usefulness of the tool completely intact. it’s going to be a smoothing tool, whether it’s a tracker, a camera, a transform, or anything that has a series of numbers in it, that will allow you to pick how your curve needs to look, and different types of maths to smooth your curve. Forget the old ctrl+z to get back to the original curve, a simple slider and an almost real-time feedback in the curve editor will allow you to have a proper control over your values.

and this is my “lesson” for this month ( if I can give you one) and this kind of applies to everything in life, when you start something, always bring it to the closest final stage possible whether it’s going to be an epic fail or you’re going to succeed. This is the fastest way I found to learn and improve myself.

I Improved my coding skills by 5% just failing in the last few weeks, I was so determined that at some point I lost track of why I was doing it, I just wanted to get it right, and trust me it was bloody frustrating, I probably spent a min of 2h per night for the first 3 weeks of January just trying and looking for the right pieces of information.

This leads me to one thing, I love doing it, Why have I been keeping it for myself? I’m pretty damn sure that there are some geeks out there that will love to see how different peoples brings ideas into the real world. we can all benefit from a shared knowledge.
this is why I’m going to create a new section on my website for this sort of “Case Study”!

while I’m working on it…

 here you got the first part regarding SmoothMe

and these are some extra pieces of content I think you should definitely spend some time looking at it.

Interview with Andrew Kramer

I’m not a big fan of AfterEffects, even if I’ve been using it since CS3 (long time), the reasons why I don’t like it and I don’t think it’s a good piece of software ( for High-end work) are many… but… this is how I started, the first tutorial I’ve ever watched was on videocopilot.net . I really respect Andrew Kramer, for what he has given to this industry, he is one of the good guys and for the first time, you can have a 2 hours long interview with him thanks to BlenderGuru.

How a TV Works in Slow Motion

If you are reading this, you’ve seen a screen with your eyes. But have you REALLY seen it though? Like real proper seen it? Don’t worry, Gav is here to help you out. This is How a TV works in Slow Motion.

Evolution of VFX and the making of BladeRunner 2049

watch it, I mean just watch it… and then if you’re still asking yourself why I’m sharing it with you, watch it again, twice…

the Best short movie I’ve seen this year.

“Happy Valentine’s Day” is about how the downfall of a couple triggers the birth of a new love between two strangers. Told in slow-motion, in one unique camera shot and in reverse. This is the best thing I’ve seen this year, very touching, perfectly crafted. It works, nothing to say about it.

Select Subject Tool Coming to Photoshop CC

Adobe is defintely investing a lot of resources in AI and they are probably doing the right move.
Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help you discover hidden opportunities, make tedious processes fast, and offer relevant experiences to every customer.
Adobe just revealed a powerful new tool that’s coming soon to Photoshop CC. Called “Select Subject,” it uses machine learning to detect subjects in your photos to help you isolate them from the backgrounds.

Mute by Duncan Jones – Trailer

The project I’ve been working at The senate VFX Last year. Love it or hate it situation. whether you’re gonna like it or not, this marked my career in an extremely positive way. Out on the 23rd of February on Netflix and in a few theatres in LA and London.

Once Again, thanks for reading, any request or feedback are much more than welcome!

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