London-based Digital Compositor since 2011. Currently working at Framestore, previously at Technicolor, Molinare, Screenscene and the Senate vfx. 
I have always been fascinated by the creative thinking combined with technology, where the real limit is just your own imagination.
Everything about the visual world comes down to the craftsmanship and creativity invested into it. I have honed my skills and mastered the art of delivering it with precision. You can feel the power of imagery that is richly evoked in each of my productions.
My main objective is to keep working with, and learning from the best in the VFX Industry, while developing my artistic and technical abilities.






Screaming goats, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, a female Thor and a guest appearance from Zeus — and all in under two hours? We wouldn’t have believed it either until we saw Thor: Love and Thunder. Continuing the story of the God of Thunder, this blockbuster was action-packed from start to finish.

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Some of Framestore’s central scenes in The Matrix Resurrections take place in the third-act motorcycle chase, where Neo and Trinity try to avoid a ‘swarm’ of humans, helicopter attacks and more.

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In this 3 days workshop named “Creativity in Compositing” we approached compositing from a very different angle.  I worked closely with Framestore to give you a super exclusive view on Spider-man : Far From Home and how we tackled the creative process in such a out of the ordinary visually stunning sequence. Creativity , can easily become your best friend and your worst enemy, how do we keep it in balance while staying focused on the main goal? Many thanks to the marketing team at Framestore and to Alexis Wajsbrot for the amazing

A full immersion 3 days Nuke masterclass to the 3rd year students of CG Animation at IED Milano, Italy ranging from Nuke tips and tricks to dissertation reviews.

Appeared on Born in FVG

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worked with the Kaleida and Netflix team supervising and creating the visuals for the holographic installation within Canary Wharf to promote the new sci-fi series Altered Carbon.

MaskMe has been featured on 3DVF a french visual effects magazine

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MaskMe has been featured on 3D Total

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Interviewed by the Italian newspaper “Il Piccolo” Thanks to Micol Brusaferro for the interview

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World’s first fully holographic production, Symphony to a Lost Generation, visits The Apex, Bury St Edmunds.

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Space Invaders wins on votd.tv  – Congratulations to all the crew members

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I’m a very creative person and my solid managerial and social skills make me well suited to lead and supervise.  I would love to help you light the right images in your space. What are you waiting for ? let’s work together!

through the whole pipeline: Evaluating which part of a production will need visual effects, Ensuring the VFX shots are filmed correctly on set, Negotiating with the production crew and budget to discuss the feasibility of the VFX work, Leading a team of artists to see the final VFX shots to fruition.


Is the creative process of assembling and combining filmed or rendered elements from multiple sources, to create a final lifelike illusion or fantastical visual effect, delivered as a set of still or moving pictures. Processes like Chroma Keying, Camera Tracking, Matte extraction, screen replacement, etc… are my bread and butter.


The Foundry Nuke is the software that I use on a daily base. I like Helping my workflow or the studio pipeline developing tools and shortcut using python and expressions. I make gizmos on a weekly base,  if there is a way to make it faster, better and in a procedural way, I want to find it.


I provide compositing training, mentoring and consultation to institutions and individuals. Learn compositing and the visual effects tricks I’ve used on projects like Game of Thrones, Black Mirror and Spider-man – far from home. Read More




if you have an awesome opportunity in either of these areas, do drop me an email.