Project Description


Role – Visual effects supervisor

Company – 12th Battalion Productions

Directed by Adam Donen | Art Director Mikael Jaeger Jensen | Music Producer Robert Harder | Producer and Financial Director Daniel Raynolds | Producer BCR Jim Murray | Executive producers Richard Temple, Yameer Adhar | Associate Producers Shana Beth Mason, Maraike Boehme | Visual Effects Supervisor Ivan Sorgente | Genie Liz berry | Production Manager  Louis Giles | Studio Manager Elliot Vick | Costume Design Eyal Meistel | Chief Makeup Artist Hermes Pittakos | Co-Producers Magnus Arrevad, Ray Cornwell, Anna Zassimova | Main Visual Effects Team Colin Tunnicliffe, Dipika Patel, Marco Pileri

the world’s first fully holographic feature

A fusion of the latest possibilities in 3D with some of the world’s greatest orchestral and dance performers. An intense, serious and powerful evocation of the first World War’s place in our present in a unique and jaw-dropping form. A series of vignettes travelling across countries and years, featuring a cast of 400 holograms. The first work of art in an incredible new form.

Symphony To A Lost Generation is a commemoration of the generation that endured the horror of the First World War, both those that fought and those that stayed at home. Concerned not with countries but with people, it uses every art form at our age’s disposal and the latest technology to impress the War’s burning importance as a living part of our present to an age who know even less about it other than as a piece of greyed history. The work moves from country to country, culture to culture, and from 1913 to 1920 to emphasize the commonality between all who found themselves in the trenches, and shows the destruction of a generation that lasted long after the guns fell silent.